Top 3 Food Truck Cities

These places are on the top of the list for food trucks across the country!
Nowadays, we see food trucks wherever we are. Almost every major city in the United States hosts a multitude of food trucks; however, some cities have many more options, higher quality food, and a better food truck experience. Here, we break down the top three Areas for food trucks! Let the countdown begin.

3. San Francisco Bay Area

Food Trucks migrated up the coast from Los Angeles not too long after they began. The Bay Area is now home to hundreds of trucks, serving up a wide variety of cuisines and styles. With the Tech boom, trucks found profit in serving lunches to these large corporations, and acting as catering for their large scale events. With such a bustling economy, food trucks continue to pop up all over the Bay Area. The consistent good weather bodes well for trucks too! 

Food Truck events are big in the area, with different Food Parks, Streat Eat festivals, and much, much more!

Some of the most popular trucks from this Area include: Señor Sisig, The Codmother, and The Chairman.

2. New York City

New York, while lacking space in almost every department, has just enough room to host its’ mass array of food trucks - and don’t forget about the food carts! The real origin of food trucks finds its’ way back to NYC, in the form of the hot dog cart. This classic food truck, if you will, gave birth to the idea of mobile food service, which then lead to LA’s boom in gourmet, mobile food and cuisine. 

Throughout the streets of NYC, you’ll find a food cart or truck almost every block. In a bustling city with so many moving parts, food on the go is a must.

Some of the most popular trucks / carts from New York City include: The Cinnamon Snail, The Halal Guys, and Korilla BBQ.

1. Los Angeles

The holy grail of food trucks. If you want something, they’ve got it. Almost every type of cuisine has multiple 5-star trucks available for your catered events, and some of the best taco trucks in the world spread across downtown LA. You would be hards pressed to find any kind of event in LA without some sort of mobile food - whether it be a food truck or stand. 

Again, the great weather that LA has to offer allows for people to be outside year-round, which creates an ideal atmosphere for food truck sales. The booming food truck industry continues to grow and thrive in its’ home city, making it by far the number one stop in the world for good, food truck cuisine.

Some of the best trucks from the LA Area include: Baby’s Badass Burgers, Kogi Korean BBQ (The Original Gourmet Food Truck), and Free Range.