Smoothie Patrol: Real, Honest, and Refreshing Drinks

California's go-to place for smoothies!
For Smoothie Patrol’s founder Ron Henares, the focus has always been on the people and the relationships his company has built. Having driven up and down California for the twenty years he’s been in the business, Ron’s blended up thousands of smoothies and drinks for happy customers at all kinds of events. 

Hailing from the corporate world, Ron switched gears (no pun intended) from working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, to developing his own concept of a food truck. Taking in suggestions from coworkers and friends and finding inspiration from the ice cream truck driving down his street, Ron has been building and developing Smoothie Flavor for years. Even now, he continues to find ways to keep innovating and improving. Recently, he is also focusing on making his products plant-based to keep drinks easy to digest and dairy-free. 

“You have to constantly come up with new ideas and new menus to keep your business fresh for the client and try new things,” Ron said. 

Facing new challenges has taught Ron to rely on his creativity and find new solutions. With a predominantly event-focused business, even factors like weather can reduce the number of people who visit the truck. With COVID-19, that also meant implementing strict sanitation standards and keeping the staff and customers safe. Minimizing moving parts and contact has been vital to everyone’s safety. 

While many of Smoothie Patrol’s typical events have been cancelled, the truck has also found new locations working at fulfillment centers and hospitals, among others. 

Working with City Flavor has also helped bring Smoothie Patrol to new places across cities. 

“What I liked about City Flavor was their human contact development—it’s personal,” Ron explained. “It’s about the relationship.” 

This people-centric relationship mindset is also highlighted in the love Ron has for his business and the way it has allowed him to travel across the state and meet new people during pre-COVID times. That passion is best articulated by how he describes the difference between building a brick and mortar store and driving around in the Smoothie Patrol truck. 

“When you have a store, people come and see you,” he said. “When you have a food truck, you go see them.” 

Much like Ron, the smoothies are, as he describes them, real and honest. He recommends the original Nutty Buddy, Smoothie Patrol’s iconic blend of bananas, chocolate, and peanut butter, and practically “a meal in a cup.” For something lighter, especially during California’s current record-breaking heat wave, try the Tropical Lemonade (strawberries, pineapple, and lemonade) and if you’re missing Hawaii or the beach, try the Hawaiian Sunrise (strawberries, mango, and peaches). Ron also offers shakes and smoothies with added protein powder for the athletes he serves at various sporting events and games.

Interested in learning more about Smoothie Patrol? Check out their website here and follow their Facebook to stay updated!