Getting Your Burger Fix at The Fix on Wheels

One of SoCal's best burger food trucks!
Meet John Ou of The Fix on Wheels, former Wall Street bond trader turned burger truck owner. 

After experiencing burnout in his previous career, seeing the writing on the wall in his sector of the market, and visiting his friend Paulo Joo’s brick and mortar burger joint in Silver Lake, The Fix Burger, Ou found a new passion in food trucks.

"I wasn’t really a burger freak, but The Fix on Fire was the best burger I ever had," Ou said. "I was looking for something else to do after Wall Street and wasn't crazy about yet another corporate job, so I talked with Paulo about expanding the business with a food truck."

Ou had zero experience in the food industry, but he worked for six months under Joo for free to learn the business before opening up his truck in March of 2017. 

On opening day, the cook called in and Ou was forced to find someone in a few hours. Thankfully, a new cook named Jose Ocotoxtle not only answered his last-minute ad, but continued to work with Ou for the next year on new ideas. Many of Ocotoxtle’s recipes are still served on the truck today, including the Grilled Cheese Jose, which tastes like pizza and is one of the five non-burger items on the menu. 

The truck features seven types of burgers, with anything from the classic Fix Burger and Ou’s favorite The Fix on Fire to more exotic offerings like the Seoul Burger with kimchi and Korean BBQ sauce. 

The truck has gotten rave reviews for its burgers and fries, which are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The Fix on Wheels also offers other meat alternatives, such as the Beyond Meat and turkey patties, and grilled chicken. 

In the past three years The Fix on Wheels has been driving through SoCal, it’s risen to the top of Yelp’s rankings as "Best Burger Truck" in Los Angeles. With COVID-19, however, The Fix On Wheels has faced its own set of struggles. 

"Lunch spots are essentially dead, and don't appear to be returning anytime soon. Events are nonexistent, and maybe catering will come back in the future, but many of our opportunities to make money, such as breweries and school events, are gone for the foreseeable future," Ou described. However, he’s been able to troubleshoot and continue serving up the truck’s food, even with modifications if necessary. 

"You just have to keep finding places where people are going to eat, and you have to understand the client. If you are serving UPS employees in Ontario when the weather is 100 degrees, you want to provide something cooler, so on days like that we will offer a grilled chicken and avocado salad or perhaps a grilled chicken wrap." 

With a long history of working with City Flavor , The Fix on Wheels is a mainstay of the SoCal food truck scene. 

When you stop by at The Fix on Wheels, make sure to try the popular Silverlake—it’s “In-N-Out on steroids, but with bacon and better ingredients."

Learn more about The Fix on Wheels and their adjusted COVID-19 hours on Instagram at @thefixtruck and their website at to read about the truck and their adjusted COVID-19 hours.