Food Truck Catering Questions

Need a food truck for your next event? Make sure you ask these questions!
Hiring a food truck for your next event, whether it’s a wedding, office party, reunion, parade, festival, etc… can be very stressful.  However, by asking the below questions, you set yourself and your event up for success! 

Besides the obvious questions like, “are you available?” and “what will this cost me?” City Flavor highly recommend you ask these ten questions! 

1: Menu - Ask about which specific food options the truck will be providing at your event.
2: Contract - Ask about any contracts the truck might require you to sign before catering your event.
3: Payment - How will you pay? Is everyone clear on who is buying the food? For example, is the event free for attendees and payment is completed before event? Or are attendees paying per meal during the event?
4: Parking - What is the parking situation? Can the truck fit? Is it a legal place for the truck to serve food?
5: Permits - Ask if the truck has all the correct permits and insurance.
6: Trash - Ask if the truck needs assistance with disposing trash. 
7: Power - Does the truck need a power source to serve food during the event? This might depend on how long the event is, so be very clear about timing.
8: Attendees - Make sure you agree on the rough number of individuals attending your event so the truck can prepare for food amount and lines. Ask how they manage with varying amounts people ordering food.
9: Timing - Ask trucks to arrive roughly 30-45 minutes before your event begins.
10: Contact Info - Ask about contact info. Who is the best person to talk to leading up to the event as well as during the event?
These questions will set you up for success and make sure everyone at your event has a great time!